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FlipsideTV & the SoCal Film Festival Present
The SoCal Film Academy:
Master Classes in Film Production & Screenwriting.

Create.  Produce.  Edit.  Premiere.
Affordable and Practical Experiences in Filmmaking & Screenwriting.

Online and On-Site Classes Available.


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Enroll in Master Classes in Screenwriting, Producing, and Production. Learn all aspects of filmmaking, from script to screen, with the SoCal Film Academy.

The SoCal Film Academy is presented by FlipsideTV and the SoCal Film Festival. Whether you are just starting out or looking to refine your skills, the Master Classes aim to give you the experience you need to understand what it takes to work in the entertainment industry and by providing practical experience while building your resume. Let us help you Master your trade!

Master Classes On-Site (classroom/studio) participants work together in teams and will have unique opportunities to work on original short films, established reality shows, and/or an original web series. The production teams will allow members to become familiar with the varying aspects of filmmaking, including directing, producing, editing, acting, writing and working on the production crew. Teams work with quality equipment and gain practical experience.  You will have the chance to work on your area of expertise while also becoming familiar with all aspects of the process.

In On-Site Production Courses You Will get to work on and earn a credit in a project that has worldwide distribution and you will have a premiere at an established film festival.  How’s that for a resume builder? Additionally, you will have access to exclusive online resources!

In Online Screenwriting, Marketing & Distribution Courses You Will learn the ins and outs of screenwriting from start to finish with professional script coverage; you will learn how to market your project from an experienced professional; you will gain insight and access to the mystery of distribution from an insider’s perspective.  We can give you insight into the mind of the festival director as well as the movie buyer!

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The Dark Hours Comic

A new comic ... part horror, part Western. As night approaches, so do The Dark Hours.

Need a good laugh?

O.C. Motor Heads, Season 1

Two guys and a bunch of hot rods. Real people. Real cars. Real life. This is reality that kicks reality's ass. Colangelo Automotive Repair and Classics, in Garden Grove, CA, Watch Now→

Scream of the Bikini

99 Minutes Scream of the Bikini is a 1960's action-spy-thriller by acclaimed South American director, Fernando Fernandez. Jasmine Orosco and Paola Apanapal - in their Watch Now→

OC Motor Heads Sneak Peaks

Mini-Episode: Burnouts


FlipsideTV News & Updates

Hello! We have recently undergone a complete site overhaul, changing the presentation on the site.

We have gone away from the traditional Netflix/Hulu approach to streaming and opted more for a magazine style appearance, making it easier to learn and read about these indies before you watch.

We will be continually tweaking and changing to bring you the best presentation of indie and classic movies.

FlipsideTV Season 8 Film Fest

Winners Announced in Brackets!

-Akhirah: The Day of Judgment [Winner: Short]
-Black and White Lines
-Danger, Dames & Dangerous Games
-Headsome [Winner: Feature]
-ME-UDO ... starring Udo Kier
-OC / DC
-Risky Business: A Look Inside America's Adult Film Industry [Winner: Doc]
-Street Files
-The One Dollar Movie
-The Rocky Mountain Experience - Bull Riding [Winner: Series]

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Featured Movies

The Last Musketeer (2010)

89 Minutes. After losing another job due to drinking, JOE SOUZA (Art Zapata) promises to quit. While sober he gains back the love and respect of his family as well as a job working for the city. Watch This Movie→

Trap (2011)

88 Minutes. A brutal abduction goes horribly awry when a middle-aged kidnapper falls in love with his teen victim. Walter, a middle-aged ex-con, partners up with the unstable, Franklin. Watch This Movie→

DEALeR (2012)

FlipsideTV Film Festival Season 6 Winner! Audience Choice Award! Not only did DEALeR win the Season 6 Audience Choice Award, it was the most viewed movie in the entire Watch This Movie→

Green Valley (2010)

100 Minutes. Green Valley's story involves four old friends on their annual weekend trip to the mountains. One of them shows a violent home video that reveals a dark secret and the group spends Watch This Movie→

Panic Time (2007)

72 Minutes. What would you do if you could go back in time? Would you change the world, or would the world change you? Bored suburban corporate drone, Elisa (Emily Lockhart), finds out in this Watch This Movie→

    Feel like watching a classic?

    White Zombie (1932) – Coming Soon

    67 Minutes. A classic zombie movie, and considered the first of the genre! White Zombie is the story of a young man in Haiti who seeks out a Watch this Movie→