FTV Film Festival & Film Market


Season 9 FlipsideTV Film Festival & Film Market

We cater to distribution ready feature films, short films with a greater purpose, and screenplays ready for production!

This is an online film festival that runs twice yearly. Movies play to our subscriber base and are also marketed to thousands potential acquisition and distribution agents.

The FlipsideTV Film Festival maintains the primary intention of giving independent producers, screenplay writers, and directors a means to get in front of buyers, distributors, agents, financiers & industry pros, as well as a film watching audience.

What does that mean?

Feature Filmmakers and Screenwriters, if you enter and are selected as a finalist to the FlipsideTV Film Fest & Film Market, your movie will be made available for viewing during the festival and film market, where we invite more than 3,000 film buyers, licensors and distributors to view your work!


What happens if you are one of our three winners? Then we will highlight your film and market it individually and directly to these same buyers!

Short Filmmakers, if you enter, you too will be marketed to buyers and distributors. Shorts should have a greater purpose than a single-serving film. They should be a pilot for a series, a scene from a feature, or a short with an expansion plan for feature productions.

Can we guarantee your movie will get distribution? No, we can’t but we can assure you that buyers and distributors who go to Cannes and the American Film Market every year, will have the opportunity to watch and learn about your movie.


Finalists and Winners for Season 8

Read reviews of the short films here.

Read reviews of the feature films here.

  • Akhirah: The Day of Judgment ….. Short Film [WINNER – Best Short]
  • Black and White Lines ….. Short Film
  • Jonah ….. Short Film
  • Danger, Dames & Dangerous Games ….. Short Film
  • Headsome ….. Feature Film [WINNER – Best Feature]
  • ME-UDO … starring Udo Kier ….. Documentary
  • OC / DC ….. Web/TV Series
  • Puncture ….. Short Film
  • Risky Business: A Look Inside America’s Adult Film Industry ….. Doc [WINNER – Best Doc]
  • Street Files ….. Web/TV Series
  • The One Dollar Movie ….. Feature Film
  • The Rocky Mountain Experience – Bull Riding ….. Web/TV Series [WINNER – Best Series]

Finalists and Winners for Season 7

Congratulations to the Season 7 Winners Below!

12:26-12:31 ………. Short Film
Aaron’s House ………. Feature (special screening)
Archie the Cockfighter ………. Documentary
Dick Punch ………. Series
Dissent ………. Short Film
Exchanging Confidences (Winner Best TV/Web Series)
For Clearer Skies ………. Short Film
L.A. Aboriginal ………. Documentary
New Eden ………. Series
None in the Oven ………. Series
Organize Chaos ………. Feature
Retrocognition (Winner Best Short / Audience Choice)
Sister Mary ………. Feature
The Cheeseheads ………. Series
The Empty (Winner Best Feature Film)
Trauma Team ………. Series

The FlipsideTV Film Festival is sponsored by Honda.

Finalists and Winners for Season 6

1:30 AM (feature film)
A Box for Rob (feature film) WINNER! Jury Award: Best Feature Film
Be Forever Now (series)
Boyz, Girlz & Sparks (series)
DEALeR (feature film) WINNER! Audience Choice
Daddy (short film)
Evenings with Ray (series)
Evolution (short film)
Leak (Short film)
Living with Frankenstein (series) WINNER! Jury Award: Best Series
Not Suitable for Children (series)
Proposition (short film) WINNER! Jury Award: Best Short Film
Sex, Blood and Fairy Tales (short)
The Talent (feature film)
Time Travelers, Episode 4 – The Pattern (series)
Was Ich Kann (Undo) (short film)
The Wooden Koru (short film)
Working Class Nightmare (series)

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