Film Festival Finalist Info Page

Congratulations on being an FTV Film Festival Finalist!

This is only for projects which have been notified as being selected as a finalist.

What does this mean?

The festival streams online throughout the month at Individual projects are voted on by viewers (FlipsideTV members) and final decisions are made by FlipsideTV Film Festival jurors.

What do you do now?

 Send us your movie!  We use Vimeo to play the movies securely and privately online.  You can send us a digital file and we will put it on Vimeo or you can send us your Vimeo link (just make sure to give access in your privacy settings).


Guidelines for Submitting Project Materials

We accept a variety of files:

  • You can send us files through file sharing websites such as Hightail, WeShare and Dropbox (there are many others as well).
  • Or, you can mail materials to FlipsideTV, 19744 Beach Blvd. #221, Huntington Beach, CA 92648, USA.
  • You may also give us a downloadable or embeddable Vimeo link (we must have access on the domain to embed throughout the month of the festival)

File Types:

  • [Ideal] - Digital Files: We can take just about any high resolution file. Ideally, send us a high res h.264 mp4 with a minimum aspect ratio of 1280 x 720 (if output from Final Cut do not send Pro Res files).  High resolution DVD output sizes are also fine if that is the highest resolution available.
  • Master Files: In an ideal world, you would send us the digital file; separated audio files with dialogue on a separate channel (for international distribution requiring dubbing).
  • [Minimum] - DVD Files: You can send us a ready-made DVD with extras; you can send us the digital files; or you can send/upload a DVD image file.
  • Blu-Ray Files: You can send us a ready-made Blu-Ray with extras; or send separate digital files.
  • Image Files: Send any DVD art (.psd files preferred) and 8-12 high res .jpg or .tif image files with descriptions.
  • Supporting documents: 250-word story outline; list of any awards, accolades, festivals; cast and crew list.
  • If requested: proof of copyright/ownership; media, property or talent releases


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